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Keep a closer eye on your home, inside and out.

Battery powered. Wi-Fi enabled. Unparalleled live video quality. Get peace of mind for good with Arlo's top-rated wireless security cameras. From floodlight cameras to indoor cameras and more, protect your home or apartment with a 360° field of view, night vision, and convenient rechargeable battery. Plus, pair cameras with Google Assistant or other Smart Home Devices for 24/7 mobile protection. Bundle with Arlo’s home security system to safeguard your everything today.
Memorial Day Sale

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Essential Security Cameras

  • Essential XL

    Wireless Security Camera

    Introducing the 2nd Generation Essential XL Camera, now offered in both 2K and HD options. With 4X more battery life, it stays charged longer, especially in high-traffic areas.

    Available in 2K or HD 4X Extended Battery Life Integrated Spotlight 130° Field of View
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  • Essential

    Wireless Security Camera

    Introducing the 2nd Generation Essential Camera, now offered in both 2K and HD options. Experience exceptional smart home security with unbeatable value and price.

    Available in 2K Integrated Spotlight Color Night Vision 130° Field of View
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  • Essential Indoor

    Wired Security Camera

    Protect any room within your home using the 2nd Generation Essential Indoor Camera. It comes equipped with an Automated Privacy Shield, ensuring your personal moments remain completely private.

    Available in 2K or HD Connects Directly to Wi-Fi Automated Privacy Shield 130° Field of View
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Pro Security Cameras

  • Pro 5S 2K

    Wireless Security Camera

    A powerful camera that is easy to install with a wire-free setup, with state-of-the-art features like 2K HDR video, color night vision, 12x zoom and a 160° field of view.

    2K Video with HDR 160° Field of View Color Night Vision Rechargeable Battery Dual Band Wi-FI
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Ultra Security Cameras

  • Ultra 2

    Wireless Security Camera

    Our most advanced camera is designed for easy setup and delivers unparalleled image quality, providing crystal-clear views of expansive areas such as the front yard, backyard, parking lot, and even your mailbox.

    4K Video with HDR Integrated Spotlight Color Night Vision Ultra-Wide Viewing Angle Rechargeable Battery
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Go Security Cameras

  • Go 2

    LTE/Wi-Fi Security Camera

    Stay connected and protected with 4G LTE connectivity. Optimized to protect places without power or Wi-Fi like construction sites, remote areas, and anywhere you parked your RV.

    Integrated Spotlight Built-in MicroSD Card Slot for Local Recording 2-Way Audio for Visitor Communication
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Frequently Asked Questions

Important features to help you feel secure in your space include motion detection, recording capability, smartphone notifications, high-quality resolution and night vision capability. Arlo offers these features across all security cameras, with alerts available through Arlo Secure. If you need a camera for outdoor monitoring, ensure you choose a weather-resistant camera. All Arlo cameras are weather-resistant apart from the Essential Indoor Camera.

Costs vary widely depending on features and quantity of cameras needed. The average cost of wireless security cameras ranges from $125-$450. Arlo wireless security cameras fit into the low and middle section of this range. For shoppers on a budget, the Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera starts at $129.99 and offers 1080p video quality with outdoor durability. The Ultra 2 Camera offers higher 4K video quality and an ultra-wide field of view starting at $299.99.

Resolution and video quality is very important to ensure clear footage of your space. All Arlo cameras offer 1080p resolution or higher, with Arlo Pro 4 and Pro 5S 2K at 2K with HDR. The Ultra 2 camera provides ultimate resolution at 4K. Looking for more details? Check out our article for an overview of the importance of security camera resolution.

Simply put, wireless means that a security camera sends video footage through Wi-Fi connection to the central hub and connected smart devices. Arlo cameras are also wire-free, meaning they are battery powered, apart from the Essential Wired Indoor Camera. Arlo wire-free cameras include rechargeable batteries, with a charge lasting approximately 3-6 months. For those that want the longest lasting battery life possible, Arlo offers an XL camera series, including the Arlo Go 2 , which have an extra-large battery that lasts approximately 6 months without recharge.

Yes. Wireless cameras are easier to install than wired cameras. After following setup instructions, you can use Arlo's variety of mounts from our accessories collection to position your camera in your desired location. Installation is quick and easy. Arlo Cameras also sit comfortably on a flat surface if placing your camera on a shelf provides a better view of your space. Once installed, simply adjust your camera for the desired view and you're ready to start using your wireless camera.

When setting up your Arlo camera for the first time, you can connect your camera directly to your Wi-Fi router or to an Arlo SmartHub (for Arlo Pro or Ultra). To connect directly to your Wi-Fi router, simply use your Arlo Secure App. Once set up, you're able to wirelessly transmit your video footage from your camera to your smart device. Detailed instructions are on our help center for smooth setup. If you are located in a remote area with less reliable Wi-Fi connection, consider the Arlo Go 2 camera which has options for both Wi-Fi and LTE connection.