How do I use HDR with my Arlo camera?

High Dynamic Range (HDR) is a software method of adjusting high-contrast video or photo images that include areas of bright highlight and deep shadow. Without HDR, some images with bright areas can appear washed out, while dark areas can appear black, without detail. HDR makes it possible to see detail in both the highlights and shadows.

Your camera comes with an Auto HDR feature that is enabled by default. When your camera detects an image that would benefit from HDR, it automatically applies HDR unless you use the Arlo app to disable Auto HDR.

HDR applied:

HDR not applied:

To turn Auto HDR on or off:

  1. Launch the Arlo app or log in to your Arlo account at
  2. Tap or click Settings > My Devices.
  3. Select a compatible camera.
  4. Tap or click Video Settings.
  5. Tap or click the slider next to Auto HDR.
    Your settings are automatically saved.