Network issues and requirements

Follow these steps if you’re experiencing connectivity and network issues with your Arlo camera:

1. Wi-Fi signal strength

If the Wi-Fi signal strength of your Arlo camera is weak, it may be more likely to lose connection with the router or base station/SmartHub to which it’s connected. The main causes of a weak Wi-Fi signal can be an excessive distance from the router or base station/SmartHub, as well as obstacles between them.

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2. Interference in the vicinity

Note that you can use one of the following payment options: Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal. If you experience issues trying to use a card, change the payment option and try again.Strong Wi-Fi signals near your camera may disrupt its connection with the modem router or base station/SmartHub; this includes mesh networks, extenders, Wi-Fi alarms, and the like. If possible, minimize the number of networks, Wi-Fi devices, and transmitted frequencies in the area where you place your camera. 

Make also sure to place your camera at least 3 meters from your router or base station/SmartHub, and allow at least 2 meters between each camera to minimize interference.

3. Upload Internet speed

A poor upload speed may cause performance issues, which may result in your camera showing offline in the Arlo Secure app. Depending on the camera model you own, you may need up to 3 Mbps upload Internet speed per device for your Arlo camera to work properly. You can perform a speed test of your connection here:

Make sure to perform the speed test while connected to your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and at the point where the camera is located.

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4. Battery level and temperature

If the camera’s battery level is too low, the camera may find it more difficult to stay connected. The Arlo Secure app lets you know if your battery is low.

In addition, if your outdoor camera is too hot or cold, the Arlo Secure app displays a warning, and the camera shuts down temporarily until it reaches a safe operating temperature.

Both these factors may cause performance issues, which in turn may result in your camera showing offline in the Arlo Secure app.

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5. Base station/SmartHub connection status

If your camera is synced to an Arlo base station or SmartHub, please ensure that it is not losing connection with the Internet. If that happens, the camera/as synced to it will also display offline status. Check the base station/SmartHub’s front LED to see its status. The Arlo Secure app will also inform you if your base station or SmartHub is offline.

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6. Wi-Fi channel and port forwarding

If you have many devices connected to your router via the same Wi-Fi channel, it could be congested, thus causing connectivity issues. If possible, please connect all 5 GHz-capable devices to your Wi-Fi network via 5GHz frequency to avoid interference/congestions in the 2.4 GHz frequency.

To avoid interference from other networks around yours, you can try changing the Wi-Fi channel to a less crowded one in your router’s settings.

Arlo base stations and SmartHubs use ports 80, 123, and 443 to maintain a stable connection with the Internet. Please ensure that these virtual ports are forwarded on your modem router.

In case of further assistance needed, please get in touch with your Internet provider.

7. Perform a reset of the camera

If your camera keeps going offline even after trying all the options above, please perform a reset of your camera by either removing and reinserting its battery/batteries (with a VMC3030, Pro, or Pro 2 camera) or by following the instructions in this knowledge base article: How to factory reset Arlo devices.

The reset method will depend on the camera model you own.