How do I add a mode with different rules for each Arlo Security Light?

You can create multiple rules within the same mode so that each light performs different actions and sends different alerts.

To add a mode with different actions or alerts for different lights:

  1. Launch the Arlo app or log in to your Arlo account at
    The Devices page displays.
  2. Tap or click Mode.
  3. Tap or click the bridge that is connected to the light for which you want to add a mode.
  4. Tap or click Add a Mode.
    The New Mode page displays.
  5. Enter a name for the mode and tap or click Next.
    The Trigger Device page displays.
  6. Tap or click a light to select it as the trigger device for a rule and then tap or click Next.
  7. Set the motion sensitivity using the slider and tap or click Next.
  8. Specify what you want the trigger device to do when motion is detected and tap or click Next.
    Note: You can select Turn on light  or Do nothing. You can tap the pencil icon or click to edit light settings, including brightness, color, flash, and duration.
  9. Select the notifications that you want to receive and tap or click Next.
  10. If you selected Email Alerts, enter the email addresses where you want to receive alerts and tap or click Next.
  11. Review the summary of your settings and tap or click Save.
    Your new mode is saved. You can activate it from the mode menu.
  12. From the mode menu, tap or click the arrow next to the mode that you just created.
  13. Tap or click Edit.
  14. Repeat Steps 6–12 to add an additional rule with different trigger devices, actions, and alerts.