How do I manually sync my Arlo Ultra or Pro 3 camera?

You must use the Arlo app to connect all your Arlo cameras. If you are connecting an Arlo add-on camera to your account, or if you reached the ‘manually sync’ option during setup, you must manually sync your camera to your SmartHub or base station.

To manually sync Arlo Ultra or Pro 3:

  1. Release the Arlo camera from the camera housing.
    Press the button on the charging port underneath the camera.
    A clicking sound occurs, and the camera slides partially out of the camera housing.
  2. Pull the camera out of the camera housing.
  3. Press the Sync button underneath your camera.

    The LED on the front of the camera blinks blue.
  4. Wait for your Arlo camera and SmartHub to sync.
    The LEDs on your Arlo camera and SmartHub rapidly blink blue when they are syncing.
  5. Check your Arlo camera’s live stream in the Arlo app to verify that the camera was synced.
    Access your camera’s live stream by launching the Arlo app or logging in to your Arlo account at


For more information about syncing your Arlo cameras, visit My camera will not sync with the base station; how can I troubleshoot it?.