How is Arlo Pro 3 different from Arlo Pro 2?

Arlo Pro 3 offers the same great features as Arlo Pro 2 in addition to the following new features:

  • Full HD 2K video resolution. Arlo Pro 3 offers 2K full HD resolution and crisp image quality with HDR and nearly identical battery life to Arlo Pro 2.
  • A wider field of view. Arlo Pro 3 offers a field of view 30 degrees wider than Arlo Pro 2. A wider field of view means fewer blind spots. With Arlo Pro 3, you capture more area with every shot.
  • Two-way Conversational Audio – Full duplex audio with echo and noise cancellation means you can have a clear conversation through your Arlo camera.
  • Auto Zoom and Tracking. When Arlo Pro 3 detects motion, it zooms in and tracks movement while the object is within the camera’s field of view.
  • Color night vision. With color night vision, Arlo Pro 3 enables you to see night-time activity in color and better quality.
  • An integrated spotlight and siren. Arlo Pro 3’s integrated spotlight and siren can be triggered manually or automatically for a better home security experience.
  • Modular design. Arlo Pro 3 is made of two parts. The camera and battery are together in one part, and the camera housing acts as a protective shell in a second part.
  • Magnetic charging and mounting. The new magnetic mount makes it easier to position and charge your Arlo Pro 3 camera.