My Arlo Pro or Arlo Go camera takes foggy or hazy video at night; what do I do?

If your Arlo Pro or Arlo Go camera is taking foggy or hazy videos at night or in low-light environments, follow these troubleshooting steps.

  1. Check for reflective objects at the edge of the camera’s field of view or just outside the field of view.
    The reflections might be overwhelming your camera’s IR sensors. Either remove the reflective objects or change your camera’s position to keep the objects away from its field of view.
  2. Check your camera skin.
    Medium-colored or light-colored hooded camera skins can cause reflections that interfere with your camera’s IR sensors.. If your camera has a medium-colored or light-colored, hooded skin on it, try one of the following troubleshooting options:
    • Remove the camera skin.
    • Use a black camera skin or non-hooded skin instead, such as the Arlo Go Ghillie Skin.

If your Arlo Go or Arlo Pro camera still takes foggy or hazy video while IR sensors are on, contact Arlo Support to speak to an expert.