How do I remove a device from my Arlo account?

WARNING: Removing a device from your account erases all modes and settings on that device and resets the device to factory default settings. If you remove a device from your account and later add it back, you must complete the setup process and edit your modes and settings just like you did when you set up your system for the first time.

To remove a device from your account:

  1. Launch the Arlo app or log in to your Arlo account at
  2. Tap or click Mode, select the base station or camera that you want to remove, and select Disarmed.
    If you are removing an Arlo Wire-Free or Arlo Pro Wire-Free camera, make sure that the connected Arlo or Arlo Pro base station is in Disarmed mode.
  3. Tap or click Settings > My Devices and select the device that you want to remove.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap or click Remove Device.
  5. Tap or click Yes to confirm that you want to remove the device.
    Note: If you remove a base station from your account, all the cameras synced to that base station are removed from your account at the same time.