What new features does Arlo Pro offer?

Like existing Arlo Wire-Free cameras, Arlo Pro Wire-Free HD Security Cameras are completely wire-free and have everything you need to keep an eye on the things you love, including HD video, weatherproof capability, night vision and several new features that make securing your home easier than ever.


Rechargeable batteries

  • Arlo Pro Wire-Free cameras use rechargeable batteries. You can easily charge the Arlo Pro batteries when they are depleted and save money by not having to buy disposable batteries. You can even charge the batteries without removing them from the camera.
    Note: Arlo Pro rechargeable batteries must be charged indoors.
  • If you don't want to take your Arlo Pro Wire-Free cameras down while they charge, an Arlo Pro charging station (sold separately) can charge two spare batteries (sold separately). You can easily swap batteries out with fully charged ones so that you can keep your home or business protected around the clock while minimizing camera downtime.

Flexible Power Options

With Arlo Pro, you can choose to stay wire-free or go wired. If you want to plug in your cameras, Arlo Pro has you covered. Arlo Pro Wire-Free cameras can be plugged into an AC outlet with no batteries needed.
Note: You must use the supplied Arlo Pro power adapter and power adapter cable. The power adapter and power adapter cable are not weatherproof and must be used indoors.

2-way audio

Arlo Pro Wire-Free cameras have both a speaker and a microphone. Arlo Pro lets you record video with audio, send alerts triggered by sound, and even talk through the camera's speaker using the Arlo app. Like motion detection sensitivity, audio detection sensitivity can be adjusted in a camera's rules using the Arlo app or the web interface. For more information about changing audio sensitivity settings, see How do I change the audio sensitivity on my Arlo Q, Arlo Q Plus, or Arlo Pro Wire-Free cameras?.

Advanced motion detection sensor

  • With improved motion sensing range, Arlo Pro Wire-Free cameras can detect motion up to 23 feet away.
  • Arlo Pro Wire-Free cameras respond to motion almost instantly, so you get the clearest possible recording of whatever triggered the motion alert.

Mix-and-match compatibility with other Arlo products

If you are already using Arlo products, you can keep using them. You can sync new Arlo Pro Wire-Free cameras with an existing Arlo base station or use a new Arlo Pro base station with your existing Arlo Wire-Free cameras. You can even mix and match existing Arlo Wire-Free cameras and new Arlo Pro Wire-Free cameras. No matter what models you're using, Arlo keeps you covered from every angle.


  • The Arlo Pro base station has a siren that you can activate right from the Arlo app.
  • You can also automate the siren using Arlo modes to turn on the siren every time motion or sound is detected by a camera. For more information about modes, see What are modes and rules and how does Arlo use them?.

Local storage backup

Arlo Pro lets you connect a USB drive to the base station for local backup storage. For more information about setting up local storage, see How do I set up local storage backups on a USB device using my Arlo Pro base station?.

New skins

  • Arlo Pro Wire-Free cameras pair well with optional Arlo Pro skins (sold separately) that protect the camera image lens against dust, condensation, and sun glare.
  • Arlo Pro's optional new skins are made of UV-resistant black silicone, ideal for disguising your cameras.